Digital Distribution

Direct agreements worldwide with digital music services that guarantee higher revenues, efficient digital distribution and speedy royalty reporting.

Danmark Music group is one of the leading distribution companies in Europe providing independent labels, established artists, newcomers  and content owners with a powerful, scalable full service solution that maximizes sales in the global digital marketplace.

Our “Frontstage” catalog and metadata management solution designed for labels, established artists and digital aggregators is a transparent and user friendly platform offering a quick release wizard, daily trends, detailed sales analytics, customized royalty reporting, rights management and marketing tools allowing labels and artists to retain full control over their music.

Danmark also offers “Subway Distribution”, the perfect underground service for unsigned independent artists geared to launch global careers. A simple three step subscription service offering full scale distribution, trends, accounting and analytics at the most competitive prices available. Combine this with add-on’s like our YouTube management and entertainment network, promotion, mastering, publishing administration, physical CD pressing and much more “Subway Distribution” is a one way ticket to the top.

“Fronstage” and “Subway Distribution” are available as a cloud based white label solutions for larger labels, aggregators or companies looking for the perfect add on to their existing product pallete .


Accounting & Analytics

Accurate, detailed and regular royalty reporting on your behalf.

“Royalty Manager” is the accounting backbone to our “Frontstage” and “Subway Distribution” solutions and feeds the systems with detailed sales data allowing customers to access and generate statements, cover sheets, reports and detailed user defined analytics.

We offer an accounting service to customers with the following functions:-

The “Royalty Manager” solution generates white label Cover sheets and detailed statements branded with your logo based upon your contracts and forwards these to your labels and artists artists via your email address at a frequency you set.

Unlimited amount of products, releases, contract sets, contract splits and royalty due payees with multiple currency support, payment administration, analysis, cover sheet and statement generation in excel compliant format utilizing the uncompressed detailed sales data from shops and services.

Upon request “Royalty Manager” can also import and account your physical sales and merchandising data.


Youtube Network

With over 500 million daily views, 1000 channels and a committed team of Youtube certified specialists we optimize, promote and manage your content across the YouTube platform.

Over 1 Billion unique users per month makes YouTube one of the leading music discovery platforms in the world giving artists the unique opportunity to generate revenue not only from their own YouTube channels but also from user generated content (UGC) containing un-licensed or illegally used music or compositions.

Our YouTube certified team identify and assert your rights across the YouTube platform clearing disputes on your behalf.

Our dedicated team will assist you in promoting your channels and content across the YouTube network optimizing your channels performance, views, watch time and subscribers.

Our Multi Channel Network gives our customers the advantage of strategically featuring content on existing proven channels whilst retaining all of their rights and revenue.

Publishing Administration

Licensing, auditing and administration of download, interactive streaming and ad based services collecting your mechanical and performance royalties worldwide.

Danmark publishing is the latest addition to Danmark Music Group. Via direct contracts with international collection societies and digital services we collect worldwide royalties from digital streams, downloads, video views, radio plays, cover versions, TV usage and manage digital rights across all platforms.

We also offer


Mixing & Mastering


Artwork & Graphic design


Physical CD pressing


Studio facilities


Marketing & Promotion


Sync & Song pitching

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